Sunday, June 29, 2014

Games "Warship Escape"

 Games "Warship Escape" is a free game, entertaining puzzles challenging. This is a simple game but very attractive and interesting, expressing patriotism, love of peace and independence and freedom, respect for the provisions of the 1982 Convention on Law of the Sea (DOC, COC).
Content-based game situations when the "enemy" has put illegal oil drilling on the east coast. You have perseverance and determination to defend its sovereignty but limiting conflicts occur.
-Players will control the Coast Guard vessel seeking to access enemy rig.
-Train enemy will find a way to stop the moving train police to enforce maritime law.
- With intelligence and his courage, you must pass the ship's stop the "enemy" to escape their pursuer’s strange ship.
You are the captain of a ship that law enforcement, and there will be many "enemy ships" prevents your way. You must use the intelligence and courage to overcome the stop of the "enemy ships" on the East Sea.
- The game supports android from 2.3 upwards.
- The game will give you the level from easy to difficult.
- You want to play the compulsory level after you have completed the previous level.
- Use touch to move "enemy ships" so that "the Coast Guard vessel" overcomes prevents it.
- Every time beyond deterrence of enemy ships as you have completed the task of nation and homeland entrusted, and the task will be hard up.
- Entertaining and challenging IQ.
- The game is completely free, hope you support.              
Guide to use play:
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